Chapter 3. Factors of the offshore oil and gas industry's impact on the marine environment and fishing

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The text investigates environmental effects of all main factors of the offshore activity. Impacts of geological and geophysical surveys, drilling and production activities, accidental oil spills and decommissioning of offshore installations on the marine organisms, populations and ecosystems are analyzed. Detailed data on sources, types and volumes of waste discharges during the offshore oil and gas activities are provided. Chemical composition of drilling fluids, cuttings, produced waters and other wastes is described. Drilling, transportation and storage accidents are examined. Special attention is given to the impact of oil activity on the fishing industry. Materials relevant to recent debates on the fate of abandoned offshore structures and their secondary use are discussed. The methods of environmental hazard and risk analysis used for environmental control and regulation of the offshore oil industry are analyzed. Includes all original charts, tables, graphics and diagrams from the book, as well as conclusions and list of references. 65 pages. PDF file. $37.00

Chapter 3. Factors of the offshore oil and gas industry's impact on the marine environment and fishing (US$37).

3.1. General characteristics
3.2. Geological and geophysical surveys on the shelf:
3.2.1. Seismic disturbances
3.2.2. Electro-surveys
3.3. Drilling and production activities:
3.3.1. Steps and operations
3.3.2. Sources, types, and volumes of waste discharges
3.3.3. Chemical composition of discharged wastes
Drilling fluids and cuttings
Produced waters
Other wastes
3.3.4. Atmospheric emissions
3.4. Accidental situations:
3.4.1. Statistics and causes
3.4.2. Drilling accidents
3.4.3. Transportation and storage accidents
Tanker transportation
3.5. Impact on the fishing industry
3.6. Decommissioning and abandonment of offshore installations:
3.6.1. Abandonment options
3.6.2. Secondary use of offshore fixed platforms
3.6.3. Explosive activities
3.7. Environmental hazard and risk assessment

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