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Environmental impact
of the offshore oil and gas industry

Author: Stanislav Patin, Ph.D. * Translator: Elena Cascio, Ph.D.

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Now you can have a complete source of essential information on environmental issues surrounding the offshore oil and gas industry. The new monograph by Dr Stanislav Patin “Environmental Impact of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry” is a single-source reference on the subject packed with detailed, accurate and up-to-date information.

The book features the most complete materials and in-depth discussion of every aspect of the problem. It contains eight comprehensive chapters (over 425 pages) with 87 clear illustrations and 69 informative tables. Each chapter provides a numbered series of conclusions and an extensive bibliography. There are over 700 recent references included in the text!

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Basically you get a one-volume library on the subject. All this wealth of information is given in a well-organized and easy-to-use format. This self-contained comprehensive volume is one-of-a-kind, there is nothing like this on the market. It belongs in the library of everybody concerned with environmental aspects of the offshore oil and gas exploration and production.

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The scale of information covered in the text is unique: you will find detailed data and multidisciplinary discussion on every facet of the problem. All main industry’s factors are considered and their ecological consequences are analyzed. Environmental levels, behavior and toxicities of oil and gas hydrocarbons and related chemicals and wastes from the offshore oil and gas industry are described. Specific environmental requirements for discharges and seawater quality are substantiated. Conditions allowing balance of interests for the offshore oil industry and fisheries are outlined. Last chapters of the book define strategic principles of environmental management, control and regulation, including environmental protection and ecological monitoring in relation to the offshore industry.

Unlike many publications that focus on specific aspects of the problem, this volume gives comprehensive analysis of all main factors of the offshore oil industry's impact on the marine environment, fish stock and fisheries in shelf waters. The resource provides you with essential data, materials and conclusions you can put to immediate use. You can get a better idea about the incredible scope of this publication if you take a look at its Synopsis, Table of Contents and Index.

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The book is being reviewed by major industry and science publications. We included excerpts from some of the reviews available at the moment:

Dr.Jack B. Pearce, Marine Pollution Bulletin, North American Editor, Buzzards Bay Marine Laboratory, USA: "I have reviewed scores of similar narratives and conclusions, but none having the same clarity of expression and preciseness: quite an accomplishment in a translation. Finally, this volume provides a unique summary of what is known about the environmental issues associated with offshore oil and gas exploration and development, often from the Russian and European perspectives (using materials not available to the Western reader)..." Read more...

Dr.Jonathan Wills, Environmental Consultancy and Research, Bressay, Shetland, Scotland : "Last year I wrote a research paper ... on offshore drilling waste disposal and found Dr. Patin's book absolutely unique and indispensable because, quite apart from Dr Patin's own merits as a scientific writer, it makes available to the English-speaking reader such a vast amount of Russian-language research that would otherwise have remained inaccessible. The value of the Russian work he cites is that almost all of it is truly independent academic research.")..." Read more...

Dr.S.Palanichami, The Journal of Ecotoxicology & Environmental Monitoring, Editor-in-Chief: "The book contains exhaustive references, tables and figures. It is very useful to those who are involved in the problems of pollution by offshore oil and gas industry. It is also useful to ecologists and environmentalists to know the offshore oil and gas industry and anthropogenc impact on the resources of fauna and flora, especially marine aquaculture and fisheries." Read more...

Dr.C.L.J.Frid, Environmental Conservation, Dove Marine Laboratory, UK: "The well referenced (the most recent reference is 1998 and there are over 700 in the volume ...!) text, the clear figures and tables, and the style will, I am sure, make it a popular text in any specialist library." Read more...

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The author, Dr. Stanislav Patin, is an internationally recognized expert on the problem who has provided leadership for numerous projects in the areas of environmental impact assessment and marine protection. Dr Patin is Russia Representative in the International Council of the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), Chairman of the Aquatic Toxicology Committee under the Russian Academy of Sciences and a member of Russian State Ecological Committee. He is the author of over 200 publications in the field of marine ecology, oceanography, ecotoxicology, ecological monitoring, environmental management and sea protection. You can find more information about Dr.Patin if you read About the Author.

The new publication by Dr Patin “Environmental Impact of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry” is a single-source reference for everybody concerned with environmental problems associated with the offshore oil and gas exploration and production.

Novices will discover a profound and clear overview of the issue and professionals will appreciate the remarkable wealth of references that provide detailed data and in-depth discussion on the subject.

Whether you are an oil professional or an environmental protection specialist, a student or a member of a community group, you will find this resource an indispensable tool and will use it repeatedly.

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