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Environmental impact
of the offshore oil and gas exploration, production and transportation

This site provides information on the impact of the offshore oil and gas industry on the ocean environment and living resources.

A comprehensive work by Dr. Stanislav Patin "Oil spills and their impact on the marine environment and living resources" has been published in Russian. See the book Description and ordering information and Table of Contents.

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Environmental Impact of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry - the most comprehensive resource on environmental issues surrounding the offshore oil and gas exploration and production:

"Dr. Patin has captured and synthesized a vast body of data and knowledge into a very practical text that should be standard reading for those involved in environmental aspects of the oil and gas industry."
Dr. Edward H. Owens, Polaris Applied Sciences, Inc.
"I have reviewed scores of similar narratives and conclusions, but none having the same clarity of expression and preciseness... this volume provides a unique summary of what is known about the environmental issues associated with offshore oil and gas exploration and development..."
Dr.Jack B.Pearce, North American Editor, Marine Pollution Bulletin
"...Dr Patin's book [is] absolutely unique and indispensable..."
Dr.Jonathan Wills, Environmental Consultancy and Research
"...[Patin] provides a comprehensive assessment of what we do and don't know about how oil and gas development affect marine organisms and what measures should be taken to minimize impacts until we learn more... This superbly translated book provides both the background and the blueprints for developing such answers."
Dr.John A.Wien, Bioscience
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1. Present state and trends of developing offshore oil and gas resources ($20)

2. Anthropogenic impact on the hydrosphere and the present state of the marine environment ($25)

3. Factors of the offshore oil and gas industry's impact on the marine environment and fishing ($37)

4. Biogeochemical and ecotoxicological characteristics of crude oil and oil hydrocarbons in the marine environment ($37)

5. Biogeochemical and ecotoxicological characteristics of natural gas in the marine environment ($37)

6. Ecotoxicological characteristics of related chemicals and wastes from the offshore oil industry($37)

7. Ecological and fisheries implications of offshore oil and gas development ($37)

8. Environmental management and regulation of the offshore oil and gas industry($35)

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Free Articles on Offshore Oil&Gas; and Environment - collection of articles covering environmental issues surrounding the offshore oil and gas industry:

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Oil and gas on the Russian shelf
Anthropogenic impact on the shelf and marine pollution
Decommissioning of offshore structures
Oil and gas accidents
Gas impact on water organisms
Natural gas in the marine environment
Spilled oil in the sea
Waste discharges
Oil pollution of the sea
Offshore Oilfield Drilling Wastes and Disposal Techniques
Interactions between Offshore Oil and Gas Operations and the Marine Environment

Journals - list of periodicals with relevance for environmental issues and offshore oil and gas industry.

Bookstore - the place to find the right publication for your research or professional needs; in association with

Directory - directory of companies that provide environmental services and equipment for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Conventions - conventions and agreements regulating environmental impact of the offshore oil and gas development and protecting the marine environment.

Global conventions
Regional conventions

Internet resources - various aspects of the oil and gas activity and environment discussed on the Internet.

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Articles on Offshore
Oil&Gas; and

Impact of Offshore Oil&Gas; Industry


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