Chapter 8. Environmental management and regulation of the offshore oil and gas industry

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The text examines the principles of environmental management, control and regulation of the offshore oil and gas industry. Specific requirements for discharges and seawater quality are substantiated. Problems of ecological monitoring in areas of the offshore oil and gas development are discussed. Includes all original charts, tables, graphics and diagrams from the book, as well as conclusions and list of references. PDF file. $35.00

Chapter 8. Environmental management and regulation of the offshore oil and gas industry (US$35).

8.1. Strategic principles and approaches
8.2. General systems of environmental management, control, and regulation
8.3. Environmental requirements:
8.3.1. Standards and requirements for discharges
8.3.2. Standards and requirements for quality of the marine environment
8.3.3. Ecofisheries requirements
8.4. Problems of ecological monitoring:
8.4.1. General features and approaches
8.4.2. Methodology and methods
8.5. International and national aspects of regulation

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