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Environmental Impact of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry by Stanislav Patin - a unique summary of world-wide studies on the environmental issues associated with offshore oil and gas exploration and development

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Oil spills and their impact on the marine environment and living resources

A new book by professor Dr Stanislav Patin (in Russian)
(508 pages, 155 figs, 96 tables, 710 references)


For the first time in the world scientific literature all main aspects of the oil spill problems are considered in 10 chapters of the book, including:

• Causes, statistics and amount of oil spills in the sea

• Composition, properties and fate of oil spilled in the sea

• Types and scenarios of oil spills

• Methodology of impact assessment and prediction of oil spill ecological effects

• Biological and ecological consequences of oil spills

• Oil spill impacts on commercial species stocks and fisheries

• Ecological risk of oil spills in the Russian seas

• Strategies, methods and means of response to marine oil spills

• Ecological monitoring of oil spills and their effects

• International and national experience in oil spill response.

The book is addressed to a broad circle of specialists in applied ecology and oceanography, marine ecology, fisheries, oil and gas industry as well as to nature protection agencies and services for assisting oil spill prevention, contingency planning and response measures.

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Table of Contents of Dr.Patin's new book "Oil spills and their impact on the marine environment and living resources"

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