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Everything you need to know about
environmental issues of the offshore oil and gas production

Environmental impact
of the offshore oil and gas industry

Author: Stanislav Patin, Ph.D. * Translator: Elena Cascio, Ph.D.
ISBN 0-9671836-0-X
Hardcover * 425+xi pages * 6x9 * LCCN 99-73791 * US$199.00
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'Environmental impact of the offshore oil and gas industry' is a single-source reference on the worldwide advances in studies, control and prevention of the offshore oil and gas industry’s impact on the marine environment and living resources. It gives multidisciplinary perspective on the issue, providing over 700 references, 69 tables and 87 illustrations.

The main impact factors of the offshore activity are considered, including geological and geophysical surveys, drilling and production activities, accidental oil spills and decommissioning and abandonment of offshore installations.

Special attention is given to the environmental levels, behavior and toxicities of oil and gas hydrocarbons and related chemicals and wastes from the offshore oil and gas industry.

Global and regional aspects of pollution, including pollutants input, composition and hazards are discussed.

Ecological situations in areas of offshore development are examined and sources, levels and effects of seawater and sediment pollution are described. Detailed data on oil distribution in the marine ecosystems (seawater, bottom sediments, marine organisms) are provided.

Acute environmental effects of accidental oil spills and long-term consequences of chronic contamination are analyzed.

Mechanisms of biological effects as well as toxic and threshold concentrations of oil and gas hydrocarbons are defined.

Ecotoxicological characteristics of drilling fluids and their components, drilling cuttings, produced waters and oil spill-control agents are given.

Ecological and fisheries implications of offshore oil and gas development are considered.

Based on all presently available information, specific environmental requirements for discharges and seawater quality are substantiated.

Strategic principles and general systems of environmental management, control and regulation, including environmental protection and ecological monitoring in relation to the offshore oil and gas activity, are summarized.

Appendix includes the Russian standards of Maximum Permissible Concentrations (MPC) and Approximate Safe Impact Limits (ASIL) for about 200 chemicals used in oil and gas production.

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