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Environmental impact
of the offshore oil and gas industry

Author: Stanislav Patin, Ph.D. * Translator: Elena Cascio, Ph.D.

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1. Present state and trends of developing offshore oil and gas resources ($20)

2. Anthropogenic impact on the hydrosphere and the present state of the marine environment ($25)

3. Factors of the offshore oil and gas industry's impact on the marine environment and fishing ($37)

4. Biogeochemical and ecotoxicological characteristics of crude oil and oil hydrocarbons in the marine environment ($37)

5. Biogeochemical and ecotoxicological characteristics of natural gas in the marine environment ($37)

6. Ecotoxicological characteristics of related chemicals and wastes from the offshore oil industry($37)

7. Ecological and fisheries implications of offshore oil and gas development ($37)

8. Environmental management and regulation of the offshore oil and gas industry($35)

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