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Environmental Impact of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry by Stanislav Patin - a unique summary of world-wide studies on the environmental issues associated with offshore oil and gas exploration and development

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Abandonment and decommissioning of the offshore structures and their environmental impact

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Below you will find websites that provide information about abandonment and decommissioning of the offshore structures and their environmental impact. If you want to recommend a site, e-mail us at [email protected]. - The First Report by The Scientific Group on Decommissioning (Natural Environment Research Council), 1996, for the Department of Trade and Industry. The task of the Group is to "examine the scientific evidence in relation to the potential environmental impacts of the disposal of large off-shore structures, using the Brent Spar as an example". - the Second Report of the Scientific Group on Decommissioning Offshore Structures. The environmental impacts of the new disposal options for Brent Spar. PDF file. - California Artificial Reef Base - comprehensive database of journal articles, gray literature and conference literature on artificial reefs and the disposition of decommissioned oil platforms. Links to regulations, laws, policies, history, artificial reef locations, organizations and agencies. - Decommissioning of Offshore Facilities, MMS Pacific Region (offshore southern California). - Environmental Impacts of the Decommissioning of Oil and Gas Installations in the North Sea. Page created by Dr. Alastair Grant, University of East Anglia, UK. - Brent Spar Abandonment Impact Hypothesis December 1994. Prepared for Shell U.K. Exploration and Production by Rudall Blanchard Associates Limited. - Brent Spar Abandonment - BPEO Assessment. Prepared for Shell U.K. Exploration and Production by Rudall Blanchard Associates Limited. - Smit Engineering BV (1992), Feasibility Study - Phase I, II and II - Report for Scrapping of the Brent Spar. Contract to Shell UK Exploration and Production. - TOXICANT LEVELS IN BALLAST WATER FROM THE BRENT SPAR INSTALLATION. From: WMcMinn - Fisheries Laboratory Burnham-on-Crouch - OIL EXPERTS CONTRADICT UKOOA POSITION ON DECOMMISSIONING OF OIL INSTALLATIONS - Decommissioning redundant offshore structures, Rogaland Research's Decommissioning Unit. - description of decommissioning activities by Mineral Management Service (MMS) US, including decommissioning regulations and decommissioning projects. - Environmental Effects of Wellhead Removal by Explosives. Reports are available for download in PDF format. - Blast Effects Upon the Environment from the Removal of Platform Legs by Explosives. Reports are available for download in PDF format. - Proceedings-An International Workshop on Offshore Lease Abandonment and Platform Disposal: Technology, Regulation, and Environmental Effects, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 1996. Available for download in PDF format. - Proceedings: Decommissioning and Removal of Oil and Gas Facilities Offshore California: Recent Experiences and Future Deepwater Challenges, September 1997. Available for download in PDF format. - Risk Assessment of Temporarily Abandoned or Shut-in Wells. Available for download in PDF format. - Assessment of Current Pipeline Flushing and Decommissioning Requirements - Research and Field Testing. Available for download in PDF format. - State-of-the-Art of Removing Large Platforms Located in Deep Water. Available for download in PDF format. - Rigs-to-Reefs Information. MMS Gulf of Mexico Region. - Artificial Reefs: Oases for Marine Life in the Gulf.,4011,25269-50841,00.html - Shell's view on decommissioning (1996-7). - ANNEX 33(Ref. §B-9.6)OSPAR Decision 98/3 on the Disposal of Disused Offshore Installations. - Decommissioning Fixed Offshore Installations (North Sea). - THE SCOTTISH ASSOCIATION FOR MARINE SCIENCE (SAMS). Comments on the proposed dumping zone. - Decommissioning (North Sea). - Ecological Consequences of Alternative Abandonment Strategies for POCS Offshore Facilities and Implications for Policy Development. - Technical Review of the Possible Methods of Decommissioning and Disposing of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations, Prepared for The European Commission DG XI and DG XVII, November 1996 - environmental issues of decommissioning, UNEP Offshore Oil and Gas Forum - Offshore Decommissioning, including overview, list of decommissioning programmes, decommissioning liabilities and UK Government's Guidance Notes for Industry on the Decommissioning of Offshore Installations and Pipelines - UKOOAA information on decommissioning of the offshore oil and gas structures, including regulatory framework, facts and figures, decommissioning options, and research references.,4010,25268,00.html - Brent Spar (Shell UK) Decommissioning Project - (click English) - Ekofisk disposal : Impact assessment. Environmental and Societal Impacts read at (PDF file) - Maureen Decommissioning Programme - EMC Subsea Decommissioning / Abandonment services

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