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Environmental Impact of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry by Stanislav Patin - a unique summary of world-wide studies on the environmental issues associated with offshore oil and gas exploration and development

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Offshore Oil and Gas and
Environmental Internet Resources

Below you will find a comprehensive directory of Topical Links and Featured Websites with relevance for the offshore oil and gas development and the environment. Click on the topic that interests you to see the collection of websites devoted to the topic. Please send us your favorite Internet resources on offshore oil and gas development and its environmental impact (suggest the topic and include a short descriptions): [email protected].

Featured Internet Resources - oil&gas; and environmental websites that provided a link to the Thank you! If you don't see your site, please let us know. - Effects of Offshore Oil and Gas Development, A Current Awareness Bibliography - a quarterly compilation of current publications (citations with abstracts) from a wide variety of electronic and print information sources relating to offshore oil and gas development.

Links to websites describing environmental impact of the offshore oil and gas development

Inter-governmental programs and organizations concerned with environmental issues of the offshore oil

Abandonment and decommissioning of the offshore structures and their environmental impact

Offshore oil&gas; and environmental journals

Offshore oil&gas; and environmental books

Companies providing environmental services and equipment to the offshore oil&gas; industry

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Articles on Offshore
Oil&Gas; and

Impact of Oil&Gas;


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